Monster phonics

Multisensory method

Monster phonics is a multisensory method to learn to read in English, which facilitates listening comprehension and improves pronunciation. It is specially designed for young children whose native language is not English.

This exciting educational project for pre-primary plurilingual schools provides the advantages of the phonics methodology with which native English-speaking children learn.

The Monster Phonics method is structured around these keys:

Synthetic phonics
In English there is no direct relationship between writing and pronunciation. The use of phonics allows for children to link letters to their sounds, facilitating oral comprehension and improving pronunciation.
Phonetic differences
Monster Phonics pays particular attention to the sounds that are most difficult for non-native English-speaking children. It allows them to learn and pronounce these sounds using vocabulary accessible to Pre-Primary children.
Multisensory resources
This method uses the same typeface with which they learn to read and write in their native language. It offers didactic digital and multisensory resources that are incredibly fun and motivating.
Monster Phonics is an educational project for learning phonics and English in Pre-Primary that provides remarkable results, given children’s ability to imitate what they hear.
Textbooks and Educational Resources
Monster phonic's materials
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