Chess and Education


Chess for Primary School

Ajeduca is a collection of notebooks created to teach chess within the educational system. This educational project incorporates a methodology which has been tried and tested for over twenty years and is adapted to different ages and diverse students.

The objectives of Ajeduca in Primary Education are:

Cognitive skills
Chess promotes strategic concentration, attention and memory, as well as supporting pupils in their abilities to obtain and organize information to make decisions. It enhances creativity and logic and promotes strategic thinking used for problem solving.
Social skills
Ajeduca fosters building relationships with others, valuing opponents as rivals and companions and reinforces respect for following the rules, discipline and taking turns. It encourages planning, responsibility and trust.
Chess and Education
Ajeduca's materials are enjoyable - a straightforward way for students to stimulate the development of their cognitive and social skills.

Ajeduca is a collection of 3 notebooks for pre-primary education that provides materials for the student in Spanish and materials for the teacher in both Spanish and English. There are 6 notebooks for the primary school level. In these notebooks, different pieces, their movements, game strategies, tips, rules and the most frequent errors are progressively taught using easy to understand terminology. It is colour coded in order to identify explanations, exercises and complementary topics.

The Ajeduca method proposes various types of activities:

  • Guided discovery: students actively participate in the search for solutions to the problems that arise. They will use different strategies such as inquiry, comparison, discovery, etc.
  • Cooperative learning: students work with different groups; group members will work together to solve their doubts and correct mistakes.
  • Following directions: Students will be taught to follow directions as they are provided with information (such as rules and regulations) from teachers.

In 2015, the Spanish Parliament approved the implementation of Chess in schools as a subject, in accordance with the recommendations of the European Parliament. This educational project is based on the experience of Daniel Escobar, teacher at the International Federation and a Chess as a school subject teacher. It is also based on the experiences of David Escobar, a superior Chess monitor. 

Textbooks and Teaching Resources
Ajeduca's educational materials for Primary School
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