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Global Thinkers

Plurilingualism-CLIL Zone

Global Thinkers is a global, integrative, inclusive and competency-based method with a learning situation based approach where students participate actively in their learning process.

Learning for life

Pearson and Anaya are collaborating to provide you with the materials you need to bring the LOMLOE to life in your classes and to make your day-to-day lives easier.

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We live in a constantly changing world. Habits are changing and the way we interact in a more and more diverse environment is changing. The climate is changing, which prompts us to actively react and get involved as individuals and as a society. Our environment is changing, and the technological revolution forces us to renew our knowledge every day. Our legal framework is also changing, which brings innovations that will affect us as educational agents. At Grupo Anaya, we are committed to join you in this voyage of changes, and we offer you the support of a major group.

Mathematics for Andalucía

For the 2024-2025 academic year, Global Thinkers offers new materials in the area of ​​Mathematics with specific content for Andalusia.

More CLIL, more visual and gamified, with more linguistics support and a novel manipulative methodological proposal: learning by doing.

  • CLIL: content & language integrated.
  • Language skills: maths made easier through a friendly presentation of contents and language support.
  • Learning by doing: videos to explain key concepts through the learning by doing methodology.
  • Gamification: foster motivation through digital games to  test pre-knowledge, review and self-assessment.
  • Audiovisual support: help comprehension and understanding using  short videos, presentations and class audios.

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Global Thinkers project's keys are...

The characters are children from different cultural backgrounds who star in a comic whose common thread is the SDGs.
The interdisciplinary projects are interdisciplinary. A large amount of information is generated in a way that complements various disciplines. 
Learning situation
The learning situation presents a sequence of learning activities that produce an outcome. The students answer these activities by interacting with the teacher and/or with other classmates to acquire the learning.
Learning situation-based approach
Inclusive and committed to the world
The main objective is for the students to be an active participant in their own process of discovering the world, instead of being a passive receiver of information.
Inclusive and committed to the world
Development of linguistic competence
The language bank | The comic | The biographies
Development of linguistic competence
Competency-based method
Throughout the unit there will be competency-based activities and a double page where a learning situation (situación de aprendizaje) is presented.
Competency-based method
The UDL guidelines
Throughout the unit such as concept maps, graphs, and symbols, provide multiple representations of information.
The UDL guidelines

The books of this educational project include the EduDynamic digital project license.

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