Pre-Primary English and CLIL

Mr. Chat, the Robot Hat

For pre-primary students

Mr. Chat, the Robot Hat is an English method for plurilingual pre-primary schools that incorporates a new and dynamic methodology. It combines natural language acquisition with task- and competency-based learning. These are its fundamental keys:
Flexible and Interdisciplinary 
Integrated with the Retos method for Pre-Primary children, Mr. Chat the Robot Hat is adaptable to the different learning styles and needs of pupils at this educational stage.
Motivating and Social
Task-based learning (TBL), total physical response (TPR) and hands-on activities promote values and skills for psychosocial development, encouraging the sharing of ideas.
Mr. Chat the Robot Hat is a method in which children face the challenge of solving situations by investigating in a cooperative and interdisciplinary way. They will integrate ICT, thinking strategies and emotional education into their learning.
Mr. Chat the Robot Hat is a collection of educational resources for teaching and learning in English in Pre-Primary School. It includes a passport, portfolio and workbook with six sections each that complete the methodology I.N.V.E.S.T.I.G.A.T.E.
Textbooks and Educational Resources
Mr. Chat's Materials
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