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CLIL project

Brilliant ideas

Inquiry-based learning

The Brilliant Ideas Primary School framework is based on a methodology known as Inquiry-based learning. This methodology supports the idea that knowledge of our world is gained through a process of collective questioning and problem solving.

The Brilliant Ideas series allows both teachers and pupils to identify five clear stages as they work through the content. Each stage provides an opportunity to develop key thinking skills:

Investigate, discover,...
The educational process begins with an investigation to discover new content and related activities. Pupils will immerse themselves in this content and apply the knowledge they learned by doing a practical task.
Summary and final task
Students have the opportunity to check the knowledge acquired throughout the unit. Each unit contains a final task that encourages cooperative learning and creativity.
Cross-curricular learning
The Brilliant Ideas series offers comprehensive cross-curricular planning to help teachers show pupils the connections between the concepts they learn.
Teachers using Brilliant Ideas have a variety of tools available to them in this educational project, allowing them to plan classes and connect different cross-curricular concepts.
Textbooks and Educational Resources
Brilliant ideas' materials
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